Keeping You Informed:Paunchy Elephant's Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hello!! Welcome to our new blog, the Paunchy Tribune! We look forward to using this space to share current and exciting news and information about business operations, new product releases, founding team members, and more. We hope this blog will be a place where our customers can read thought-provoking content about our small business, learn about industry trends, as well as discuss how food, philanthropy, and sustainable choices motivate us.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very carefully. Our continued focus is the health and well-being of our staff, customers, and community. Thank you for continuing to be there as family, friends, and loyal brand consumers! Your passion and love for all that we do is only exceeded by our own. As we follow updates to safety and production standards from the WA State Department of Agriculture, Oregon Tilth (our USDA organic certifier), and the local Department of Health, you should know that your customer experience with Paunchy Elephant will not change. We are still accepting web, social media, and wholesale orders.

Below are a few of the preventive measures we're taking:

1. We are encouraging mobile and contact-free Door Dash deliveries now more than ever through our online store, Etsy shop, and soon through,

2. Continued health standards: We have always and will continue to require staff to work only when they are in good health (defined by not exhibiting symptoms or having recent exposure to someone that is) and can maintain social distancing. Staff are required to wear protective gear that includes gloves, mask, and eyewear at all times and to practice safe, regular hand-washing.

3. We have implemented a temporary, contact-free delivery system for both our wholesale and direct customer sales.

4. Beyond our already stringent cleanliness standards, our kitchen staff has increased the frequency of hand-washing and cleaning procedures, including disinfecting high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas for all of their shifts. We are also requiring all staff to review and agree to terms of a safety and hygiene standards course.

At Paunchy Elephant we appreciate having the support of each and every one of our small business customers, wholesale, and retail partners. While the current crisis may result in delayed and/or contact-free deliveries, we are committed to being there for you, serving you in the best way possible. As always, we encourage you to continue to relax, indulge, and consume sustainbly as life and time allow. Thank you for being the most enjoyable, most invaluable part of our journey. Stay safe!


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